Will saffron make baby fair?

Pregnancy is a very crucial stage in a woman’s life and it is also a period when one comes across several myths regarding the diet to be followed in their quest to know more and ensure healthy beautiful baby. It is always recommended to consult your doctor before you add or make any changes to your diet. Using Saffron is one of the most commonly recommended dietary intake by elders during pregnancy.

In general, when you witness the people who all are experiencing the pregnancy period, they will be consuming healthy foods to get their baby with loads of health. At the same time, most of them are looking for their baby to born with fair. However, people are agreeing that the baby is getting fair once started to consume saffron. For information, globally this fact has been accepted. However, when it comes to research, it hasn’t proven yet.

Can Saffron Milk Make Your Baby Fair?

Will saffron make the baby fair? This is a common question asked by pregnant women. A glass of saffron milk is known to do wonders during pregnancy, however, increasing your child’s fairness or beauty isn’t one among them. Sorry to bust the myth, but it is a fact. The baby’s fairness is absolutely governed by the genes of his parents and the amount of melanin present in the skin and saffron does not have much of a role in it. There are no scientific studies that prove that saffron makes your baby fair.


What are Benefits Of Saffron During Pregnancy?

Saffron is essential and highly recommended during your pregnancy because of its medicinal nature. Its primary advantage is that it helps in digestion by forming a protective coating in the digestive tract. When consumed in moderation, the benefits of saffron during pregnancy include the following:

  • Regulates blood pressure and reduces mood swings: Apart from purifying blood, saffron aids in controlling blood pressure and also helps to control mood swings in pregnant women.
  • Aids in digestion: Saffron cures most of the digestive problems in pregnant women like acidity, indigestion and regurgitation. It is one of the reasons why pregnant women are sometimes asked to include saffron with milk from their fifth month onwards when digestion problems in pregnant women are alleviated.
  • Boosts immunity and regulates body temperature: Moderate intake of saffron keeps body temperature in check ensuring warmth for the growing baby. Saffron is also known to boost immunity.
  • Reduced hair fall: Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy lead to hair fall in many pregnant women. According to ancient wisdom, applying a paste of saffron, milk, and liquorice can prevent hair fall during pregnancy and also stimulate hair growth.
  • Relieve muscular cramps: Many women complain of muscular cramps in legs and abdomen, and joint pain in the third trimester. Saffron, which has anti-spasmodic and antinociceptive properties, can help in relieving excessive contractions in the muscles and relax the joints, reducing muscular pains during pregnancy.

And at the end,

A glass of milk with 1-2 saffron filaments daily from your fifth month of pregnancy is a good source of calcium and protein and do not forget it

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