Saffron Soap

While it’s true that there are many commercial cosmetic skin care products in the market, it is also true that most of them contain artificial and processed ingredients that can cause side effects. If you want to stay safe and take good care of your skin at the same time, choose a natural approach.

In the last few years, more and more people are interested in using saffron soap for skin health. The benefits of using saffron soap as the name suggests,  is a based on saffron.

One of the important benefits of organic soaps is that they work better than ordinary soaps to gain better results. They produce less side effects and sensitivity than regular soaps. That’s why people with skin diseases can use these soaps without worry.

More Details

Organic handmade soaps contains essential oils like glycerin, coconut, castor oil and olive oil; All of which are natural and beneficial.

Type: Organic
Color: Golden
Size: Small
Chemical Additives: No
Private Labeling: Yes
Packaging : 24 Bars in One Cartoon.
Consumer Packing: from 1 to 50 bars  in different box.