Saffron Rock Candy

Saffron rock candy is a product developed in-house and made entirely by hand. it is known as “Nabat” and  infused with grade-A, 100% organic, pure Saffron. The candy made from saffron syrup is crystallized on wooden sticks in a complex process for several days in order to get its individual shape. Then it is decorated with saffron threads and carefully packed. 

It sweetens your hot or cold drink in a healthy way and gives it a special aroma. 1A top quality, specially packaged for the global market. Saffron rock candy stick is ideal for sweetening tea, coffee, espresso and 1 stick is enough to sweeten 2-3 cups, depending on your taste. 

More Details

Dip this stick of chunky, crunchy, crystallized sugar to sweeten your tea or cocktails and mocktails; let it sit and soak, then sip away.

Product Type: Candy.
Color: Yellow.
Taste: Sweet.
Sugar (%): Sucrose ext. from sugar cane.
Ingredients: water, sugar, saffron.
Stick: Food-grade wooden stick.
Chemical Additives: No additive.
Shelf Life: 24 Months.
Private Labeling: Negotiable.
Packaging : 0.5 kg Box and also Bulk. 
Indication: Store in a cool, dry place.