Saffron Honey

Gift of the bees, honey is a unique product: its variety, its multiple qualities, its tastes are inextricably linked to nature and to the work of bees. Honey is a 100% pure and natural product, which does not contain any additives or preservatives. It is the result of a natural alchemy between the nectar of flowers gathered by bees and the transformation produced within the hive.

The alliance of honey and saffron has been practiced for thousands of years. It is said that honey and saffron are like a match made in heaven. The finest Iranian saffron is infused in pure, raw honey for 48 hours. Both are powerful health enhancing natural products that and together they offer a unique blend of health-giving nutrients and taste.

More Details

This fusion combines all the beneficial effects of saffron with the qualities of raw honey and results in a “magic potion”.

Product Type: Honey
Color: Medium to dark amber
Consistency: Smooth, viscous, rich and moderately thick
Taste: Slightly earthy with an essence of nuttiness
Weight (kg): 0.45 kg &  0.95 kg
Chemical Additives: No
Private Labeling: No
Packaging : 9 or 12 Jars per Cartoon.
Shelf Life: 24 Months
Diastase Activity (%): 0
Reducing Sugar (%): 76.29 %
Ingredients: 99.98% honey,0.02% saffron.
Indication: Store in a cool, dry place.