Negin Saffron

The most expensive and rare trim of Saffron. It is actually a special type of Poushal in which thick strands of red stigma is separated from other strands without any style and bulky saffron is produced. Based on Quality, There is 4 type Negin. The only differential between them is length of strands and Shape.

  1. Negin: It is shorter and it contains a very very little part of yellow color in the thread.
  2. Super Negin: Super Negin threads are longer in length and contain no yellow or orange threads. The threads are cut symmetrically and contain no crumbs.
  3. Press Super Negin: Negin Super saffron strings are placed in a special way between the two levers (which can be different things) and the saffron strings get flat. This saffron has a very largebulky, smooth and well-visible appearance and looks very attractive.
  4. Iron Super Negin: It is the same Press Negin but larger and Bulkier

More detailes

Color: Red
Size: larg
Cream: Ziro
Flavor: Naturally bitter taste but lovely.

  • Negin: 240-270 USB
  • Super Negin: 250 to up
  • Press Super Negin: 270 to up
  • Iron Super Negin: 270 to up

Safranal (flavor & smell): min 35
Picrocrocin (bitterness): min 80
Moisture: Under 7%
Chemical Additives: No
Packaging in bulk: 1 to 10 kg Iron Box.
Consumer Packing: from 1 to 50g in different box.