Saffron been cultivated in Iran and the usage is in the medical and food industry mainly. There are three main components called: Crocin C44H64O24, Crocetin C20H24O4, and Saffranal C10H26O. Crocin is a water-soluble carotenoid, and one of the pharmacological active constituent of saffron.

Functions And Benefits Of Crocin Extract Of Saffron

These findings indicate that the effects of saffron extract can be the result of Crocin as the main antioxidant compounds of saffron stigmas (Crocus sativus).

  • Crocin extract powder can be used for liver protection and benefiting gallbladder.
  • Has the function of treating cardiovascular diseases.
  • Has the usage of sedation, bleeding stanching, dispelling swelling.
  • Has the effects of dispelling heat, eliminating irritability, diuretic, cooling blood and detoxification.

Applications of Crocin Extract of Saffron

Modern pharmacological studies have demonstrated that saffron extracts have a lot of effects effects.

  1. Can be used in pharmaceutical field as raw materials.
  2. Can be applied in cosmetic field raw material.
  3. Can be used in health care product field raw material.
  4. Can be used in supplement field.

Numerous experiments have shown the medicinal benefits of saffron extract such as:

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