How much is bulk price of saffron?

Among a variety of spices from the different world regions, saffron price is known as highest ones.  We wrote here about saffron retail price. Now I am going to share with you about  saffron bulk price. Since Iran is the main supplier of saffron in the world and most of the saffron in the world markets belongs to Iran, It is advice to buy saffron from Iran and the main saffron companies directly like Amata trade instead of intermarries.

Anyway, professionals in this industry ranked Saffron as the most expensive spice. Anyway, saffron price depends on the saffron quality and for 1 Kilogram it costs 3500 to 160000 USD!!!

Undoubtedly, this price depends on the origin, purity, and type of offered saffron. So, we will discuss all issues related to saffron price. specially, Persian saffron price. there is different types of saffron threads those are offered with different prices. We talked about the different types of saffron threads here.

Generally, anywhere you see only “saffron price”, they are talking about saffron threads.

Buying saffron in large packages (bulk) can be an economical way. This is suitable for major saffron vendors or those who want to process and sell saffron in smaller packages.

Buying bulk saffron from Iran has many advantages if you buy from a reputable like Amata trade. If you are going to buy bulk saffron from Iran and you are looking for a reliable a truth worthy company. You are in the right place. You can buy bulk saffron directly and without dealers.

We export more than 4500 kg bulk saffron a year to all over the world. We owns saffron farmland in Torbat Heidarieh with highest quality and lowest price with luxuries packing in a very of weights based on worldwide and laboratory standards.

we try to offer good quality saffron for a very reasonable price and the quality is the best. Our product is year saffron. It means, we do not use the saffron that has produce in the last years. Decide wisely before making a decision on where to get your saffron because more than 95% saffron comes from IRAN. If you need more information Contact us.


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