Saffron is a valuable herbs mostly found in Arabic country. Saffron has many benefits towards health. The history of saffron stretches all the way back to the late Bronze Age and back then it had numerous uses just as it does today.

The Arabs planted crocus flowers in Spain when that region was under their control; in fact, the word saffron comes from the Arabic zafaraan. From that era until the present, saffron has a lot of fans in Arabic countrie Especially in Qatar, Kuwait and Oman.

How is the import of saffron to Qatar?

Exporting saffron to these Countries has certain rules. Qatar is one the richest countries among Arab countries and has been recently improved in field of all business in with other countries, the people of Qatar is one of the great consumer of the saffron. Saffron in Qatar has big value. You see in below pictures.

How much is the purchase price of saffron in Qatar?

As we reviewed the Qatar saffron market and the price of saffron there. Also we do these for Saffron price in Kuwait and Also See what saffron price in Oman. As you can see in below tables, the saffron price is showed for each countries.


How is Qatar’s Saffron Market?

We wrote in Saffron market size  about how we can measure the size of saffron market. Also at the end we measure saffron market size in Qatar, Kuwait , Oman.


The above table of negative values in the balance row, indicates how much further the saffron market can expand. You can estimate the size of the market in your country in the same way. Contact us if you need more information or guidance.


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