We answer some of your concerns and questions here. If you need more information contact us.

Because of Iran’s economic condition and restriction that created by sanction, It is normally Advanced payment. we hope in future there is other ways. we let you know if there was a change.

It is CIF or CFR. It means we pay the carriage price and deliver the saffron in nearest international airport that it is possible.It means its your responsibilty to release your saffron from Custom organization in your country.

It depends on what type is  your order:

  • General and bulk packing: 2 kg min order
  • General order and Customize Packing: 3 kg min order
  • Private label and bulk packing: 5 kg min order
  • Private label and Customize packing: 5 kg min order

yes, we do. as we told before the minimum order is 5 kg.

No, Not at all. Our bank account is in another country and not in Iran. you do not send money to Iranian bank account but your saffron come from IRAN to your country international airport and has nothing to do with sanctions. more than 30 tons Iranian saffron goes to USA with out any problem. The sanction is about money transfer to Iranian bank.

It is a fact that Iran can not trade with a few countries easily but always there is a way. for these countries, we send saffron indirectly from other countries. actually the carriage and documentation does not show the saffron come from Iran. Also, our bank account is in another country which is different from IRAN.