How much is bulk price of saffron?

Among a variety of spices from the different world regions, saffron price is known as highest ones.  We wrote here about saffron retail price. Now I am going to share with you about  saffron bulk price. Since Iran is the main supplier of saffron in the world and most of the saffron in the world markets belongs to Iran, It is advice to buy saffron from Iran and the main saffron companies directly like Amata trade instead of intermarries.

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Who should not consume saffron?

Excessive consumption of saffron reduces blood pressure and dilutes the blood too much which may cause complications such as nosebleeds or uterine bleeding in women. It can also cause vomiting, decreased heart rate, nosebleeds, eyelid and lip bleeding, and dizziness, lethargy, jaundice, and other serious complications that can even lead to death. Read more

How to import Iranian saffron?

As you know, Iran is the biggets producer of saffron in the world And most of the world’s saffron is originated from Iran. Spain, for example, buys more than 98 percent of its saffron from Iran And exports it to countries around the world. Buying saffron from Iran is associated with challenges that are very difficult for some. To buy saffron from Iran, you can prepare it in one of the following ways:

1- Purchase from major importers of Iranian saffron

You can find the names of these countries with a simple search and also from here. These countries re-export most of Iran’s saffron in their own name, and the price of saffron is usually two to three times higher than price in Iran; if you bulk.


2- Purchase from intermediary companies:

These companies are usually located in Persian Gulf countries such as Dubai. You can contact these companies and buy from them.


3- Purchase from Iranian Company:

They are usually divided into two groups: Brand and non-brand. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. But keep in mind that non-brand companies are more flexible and they are more negotiable and have a higher delivery speed.

Our company is a non-brand company. Our goal is to deliver saffron in fastest way then we work with other Iranian company that supply saffron and we use their production capacity for our customers. It helps us to be more reflex and negotiable and also keep costs down then you have saffron at the best price and quality. Our mission is to be a trustable and accountable saffron supplier.


4- Using a broker

If you are looking for a long-term presence in the saffron market. Using a broker is the best way. This way is like non-brand company but informal. With this way, you can get to know the Iranian saffron market more easily. If your purchasing volume is high, this is a good option. Also keep in mind that you can use a non-brand company as your saffron broker.

Your most important challenge in buying saffron from Iran is money transfer. Depending on the choice of one of the above methods, there are different safe solutions; so do not worry. Contact us if you need help.

The golden rule for buying bulk saffron: you should always try to get the Exwork price from companies so that you can have a better comparison. Because the cost of air transportation can be easily obtained and then You will find out who is the best supplier for you.

The last point

Some countries, such as India, China, the United States, Saudi Arabia, etc., cannot import saffron directly from Iran due to bans or high tariffs. There are very reliable and fast solutions that are currently being used Which can be one of the four methods above!!! Remember we can always help you find the best way.