8 ways of recognition original saffron from fake one

One of the most important things to consider when buying saffron is to identify original saffron, which is not possible without the necessary expertise and information in this area. The high price of saffron has caused some profiteers to cheat in saffron and use some of the methods that we will discuss below to increase their income by fraud. So that we want to not have any problems in buying saffron and we can make the right and safe choice. We must first learn how to distinguish saffron from counterfeit saffron.

1- Saffron tasting

The principle of tasting is One of the ways to know saffron. Original saffron has bitter taste and should not give any other taste like sweet taste.
If you have a sweet taste, it is definitely sprayed with sugary substances such as sugar water to make it heavier, so be sure to pay attention to this as well.

2- trumpet shape

If you take a closer look at the saffron flower strings, you will find that the original saffron strings are trumpet shape, which is one of the most important things to know about saffron.

3- Saffron Color

The color of original saffron is dark.

If saffron has a color other than dark crimson or an unusual color compared to original saffron, it is clear that it is not a saffron plant but can be replaced by safflower.

4- safflower plant

Safflower is one of the plants that is widely used instead of saffron, and it is very important for a person who has no information in this field, and its differences with saffron should be fully understood. The swindlers paint the safflower and mix it with saffron to increase its weight.

5- Spicy perfume

Perhaps the scent of saffron is the most important factor in its originality and freshness. Freshly picked saffron has a very pungent odor, and as soon as the lid of the box is opened, the space inside the room is filled with its fragrance. Of course, saffron, which has been picked for several years, has a very weak aroma and cannot easily perfume the space.

6- Saffron coloring speed

The original and first-class saffron has a very low coloring speed. This factor makes us consciously recognize the original saffron. If you brew saffron after buying it and find that the saffron dyed in a few seconds, you should know that your saffron is counterfeit.

7- Increase the weight of saffron

If you have not purchased your saffron from a safe place, you should expect that the weight of the purchased saffron may have increased. The saffron strings are impregnated with the items I mentioned below, and the saffron weight is increased by a few percent.

  • Honey
  • Salt
  • Spray the drink

8- Fatty saffron

To find out if your saffron is counterfeit, put saffron strings between straw paper or newspaper. If you see oil and grease on the paper, the saffron is counterfeit, but if the saffron is powdered, the saffron is the original.

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