News: 7 to 10 percent growth of saffron cultivation in Afghanistan this year

Akbar Rostami, spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Agriculture, said that saffron cultivation in Afghanistan has increased by 7% in some areas this year. Afghanistan’s saffron fields are expected to increase by up to 10 percent, which will have a direct impact on increasing saffron yields,” He said.

According to the Daily Afghanistan, According to the Afghan Ministry of Agriculture, saffron was cultivated on 7,500 hectares of land in Afghanistan last year and this year the area will increase to more than 8,200 hectares.

Afghanistan’s saffron production was 20 tons last year, but according to the Ministry of Agriculture, It will reach about 24 tons this year. you should know these amount is less than saffron production in Torbat Heydariyeh City. These city products nesr 25 tons saffron per year.

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